PLWC operates the city-owned electric, water, wastewater, cable television, Internet and utility services for the citizens of Paragould, Arkansas. We have been a part of the Paragould community since 1938 when the Paragould City Council first franchised the Light Plant Commission to operate the city's electric light plant. (The water and wastewater department was placed under PLWC’s operation in 1984. The cable system was started in 1989.)


PLWC is extremely proud of the work we do for the citizens of Paragould, and we are just as proud of the people who do that work. We feel our personnel are some of the most dedicated and professional individuals any company could hope to employ.

These men and women have committed themselves to providing PLWC’s customers with the very best utility services available at the lowest cost possible, and they do it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.